Contributing Guide#

Welcome! There are many ways to contribute, including submitting bug reports, improving documentation, submitting feature requests, reviewing new submissions, or contributing code that can be incorporated into the project.

Please, don’t use the issue tracker for support questions. Instead use: email.

Feature Requests#

Please create a new GitHub issue for any significant changes and enhancements that you wish to make. Provide the feature you would like to see, why you need it, and how it will work. Discuss your ideas transparently and get community feedback before proceeding.

Significant Changes that you wish to contribute to the project should be discussed first in a GitHub issue that clearly outlines the changes and benefits of the feature.

Small Changes can directly be crafted and submitted to the GitHub Repository as a Pull Request.

Pull Request Process#

  1. Update the with details of changes to the interface, including new environment variables, exposed ports, proper file locations, and container parameters.

  2. Increase the version numbers in any examples files and the to the new version that this Pull Request would represent. The versioning scheme we use is SemVer.

  3. You may merge the Pull Request in once you have the sign-off of two other developers, or if you do not have permission to do that, you may request the second reviewer to merge it for you. We expect to have a minimum of one approval from someone else on the core team.

Review Process#

We keep pull requests open for a few days for multiple people to have the chance to review/comment.

After feedback has been given, we expect responses within two weeks. After two weeks, we may close the pull request if it isn’t showing any activity.